Party / Festive season is upon us..!

I’ve hit a plato! I’m 8 days past my 2 stone goal and I am still 5lbs away! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong…I’m working out as much as I can, I’m so busy with work but I set myself a target of at least 3 workouts per week which in writing doesn’t seem that much, and I have achieved that every week but it’s been tough – it can be hard getting to the gym on a week day when I’m working or travelling etc…

I’ve shared with you before that my weigh in routing involved me using the same scales every week on a Saturday…last week I noticed they had broken (they’re electronic) so I told the staff at the gym and a week later they’re still broken – there are scales elsewhere in the gym but I like to use the same ones…then I know it’s totally accurate to my loss…I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the scales I had to use this week are actually about 2 lbs out and I’m only 3 lbs off target…what are the chances?!

I have a few events coming up…just small things I’ve decided to use as small targets…a visit back to my home town – I want to look – well I just dont want people to see me and think ‘wow life has been good to her – she’s never been short of things to eat!’….and at the end of December I have my big work ball…last year I was my heaviest. I thought I looked really good, I shopped for a really special dress and spent alot of time and money getting ready, then in the entrance of the venue the organisers took photos of people as they arrived and put them up on a big screen as we sat down to eat dinner…and I looked AWFUL! I literally looked about 5 sizes bigger than the friend in the photo with me…this year I want to be ready for that photo…And I will be judging’ll be like my own personal comparison ball in my head…I MUST be below target 2 stone before then.

…Btw I have already chosen my menu…salmon starter (there was a cheese option) and fruit for desert! Choc and christmas pud was an option – if anybody wants to suggest I’m not trying come on…I dare you! :)…

If anyone has any great festive food and drink diet alternatives PLEASE let me have them…I didn’t struggle with cravings a month ago and recently there are cakes and sweets and CHEESE everywhere and I want them all! I havent had any but It’s getting so difficult to resist – I think when I lose again I’ll remember why I’m doing this so thats whats keeping me going atm…but I truly think if I didn’t drink any alcohol I would lose more…in this the party season with so many things to do and places to go and be can anybody suggest a great low cal party drink?

No photos until I meet that goal…watch this space for it though because it’s going to be so good! (I keep telling myself)…if anybody reading this has lost weight and has any advise please share…this has been the hardest few weeks since I started this process.

Right I’m off out to walk the bichon then take him to get a christmas haircut at the groomers!

Seasons Greetings Folks :)

Laura x

3lbs lost but still a failure…

The wedding reception I was invited to on Saturday evening was so beautiful, and so much fun! I was happy in my size 16 dress and closly steered clear of a near miss (Almost wore the same dress as the bride! Who since the couple eloped was wearing not her wedding dress but a beautiful sparkly party dress for the reception) I was undecided on what to wear and until 10 minutes before leaving for the do and it turns out I had on the same dress as her….epic fail! But alas we missed the clash thankfully and went on to have an eventful and dance filled night. Oh yes, there may have been some drinking also…

…and on Sunday morning lets just say I wasn’t feeling my best – so much so that I didn’t make it to the gym! I pottered about the house but often found myself back in bed watching a film and feeling rather sorry for myself – I managed an hour long walk with my pet pooch Archie (my little ball of cotton wool atm) and that was the total of my out and abouts for the day… very dissapointing – that is the first time since I started my health kick three months ago that I haven’t worked out on both Saturday and Sunday – and although I’ve managed to drop 3lbs last week I feel like a loser, in the other sense of the word. So for this week I’m starting off with just one workout under my belt instead of two as usual – wish me luck this week bumping that number up to at least three sessions – I’m going to need it with the working week I’ve got! :(

Fingers crossed for another big loss next week though – my goal when I started this whole thing was to lose 2 stone by 1st December – currently I am 6lbs short with one weigh in left to go… I know I can’t drop 6lbs in one week but to get within just a few lbs of my target (which was a hard tarket to reach I feel) would be amazing and really show me how far I’ve come and remind me what I have been working todards!

6lbs and counting….

Okay so maybe…I lied!

I didn’t go to the gym last night! I must got tonight to make the fourth trip – dissapointed in myself that I now wont meet the five sessions this week. I must not allow small milestones to let my motivation dip. I’ll explain:

Scroll down to my earlier posts ‘New Beginnings’ – see those photos of me..not great hu! Well with a very long road still ahead of me I have reached a milestone in my challange and dropped a dress size! Here’s me in all my glory (at the end of a long stressful day at work trapsing around Debenhams would have been worse had these dressed not all been a size 16!):


Sorry about the total ‘MySpace’ pose but it was the only way I could see how to get all of me into one pic…Quite a transformation – for me! And I’m not in an M & S size 16 – these are Warehouse and Oasis! Next stop, Topshop :)

Okay – definatley will be at the gym tonight – weigh day tomorrow….wish me luck!

Food Photos.

I’ve noticed alot of weightloss bloggers, fitness, diet and health bloggers include lots of images of their food in their blog. Which I actually quite like, in moderation (see, I’m learning! :)) Including photos in my thoughts doesn’t come naturally to me and I have even had to go back into a post to add a photo as an after thought to compliment my written thoughts. And when I add it I wonder if it’s

a. diluting my words or

b. needed because what I’ve written is so dull…neither I Hope.

Anyway forget all of the above – here’s something I prepared earlier

Errrr…just kidding! Looks good though doesn’t it (and healthy:) ) Nope I had porridge and a banana for breakfast and beans on toast for lunch – very healthy, not very creative…ideas for exciting healthy meals urgently needed…!

Off to the gym tonight for session four of this week – weigh day is looming and I’m so motivated for another loss – there’s just no reason not to lose so I’m excited about it – just need to stay away from the scales for that mid week weight check – 50% of the time I resist but then I go through phases where I’m so excited I can’t wait until Saturday to see how it’s going – if you’ve ever suffered with this impatience you’ll agree – no good comes of it! I’ll keep reminding myself of that.

Right I’m off dress shopping for a friends wedding this weekend – I wonder what  size will fit…?

4. Small goals mean big results

Back to my prompts for potential gain today – 2lbs lost again last week – I walked out of the gym smiling I have to admit. I have been so excited about my weigh in the last two Saturdays I’ve actually driven to my gym (where the scales I use each week are) to weigh myself knowing I dont have time to workout until later, then I go back in the evening when I have time and do my workout – some say a waste of time but I spend my week working and building up to that moment on Saturday morning. What do I think..? “So worth it!”

So my now 18st 10 lbs (162 lbs & 36.7 BMI down from almost 40!) enjoyed the rest of my weekend safe in the knowledge that the dreaded 19stone is a far away distant memory :)

Food….I find weekends more of a stuggle than weekdays because I have less routine and more time to snack…this weekend wasn’t too bad admitadly – in fact yesterday I missed breakfast (don’t comment just yet it wasn’t intentional!) and had a 0.2g sat fat soup (which was yum btw) and three slices of “Dry Toast” –  I say it like that because when I asked for toast without butter in a cafe recently the waitress brought it over and said “here’s your dry toast” and it made me laugh out loud!!So I enjoyed that and had grilled chicken and veg for dinner later on. But thats not it :( I buy healthy snack options so that when I’m in need of something ‘naughty’ it’s never too bad – I ate an entire 150g bag of baked warbutons pitta salt and pepper “crisps” – a total of about 300 calories and man did I feel ill – I went to bed at 9:30pm with back ache (from the gym) and stomach ache (from the crisps) and motivation ache (because of the above) and hoped that the hours in the gym over the weekend and the week to come would be enough to ensure another loss next week.

And I need to lose because I have an incentive – a wedding party to go to on Saturday night. AKA New dress! I got a phone call from one of my closest friends last week to tell me….her and her fiance have got married in secret!! So they’re having a wedding party and as ‘would be’ bridesmaid I’m determined to look amazing – I wondered how much I could lose between her telling me and the party, I’m down 2lbs from Saturday and I desperatly want another 3 next week – suggestions on best gym routine workouts much appreciated this week in particular guys! In fact whilst we’re on the subject – best workouts to reduce my tummy would be very muchappreciated :)

In other news, hand callus’ from the dreaded rowing machine = still not great

Gloves bought to avoid hand callus’ = None yet :(

Photos taken of my new gym wear (pink and black with sequin loveheart on the hip – very cute) = None – I wanted to but I looked so awful in the pic I took decided against uploading it – you guys aren’t ready for that – it did however work as a great tool to make me work harder and push myself more – That said – I haven’t even done bootcamp yet this week but I can still barely walk today!

Happy Monday guys x

1. Be Realistic!

Today is mostly about point one in my ‘prompts for potential “be realistic”  – coming back down to earth and remembering who I am, where I’ve been, how far I’ve still got to go and the hard work been and done and still to come!


Last night I gave the gym a raincheck – and today I can think of no good reason why I did that! Yes I was tired after a long day at work but no more than any other day. I think I’ve gotten a little ahead of myself – Since Saturday when I FINALLY got past my 3 week plato and dropped those last few lbs I’ve been ‘dreaming’ (because thats all it is, dreaming) about the skinny girl. I’ve been floating around on the skinny girl cloud thinking I am what I’m not. And I decided I need to give myself a boost back into the motivation levels that are needed to get to where I want to be…

So this morning I have put on my smallest tightest clothes – I’m at work so having to be careful but I am feeling uncomfortable in clothes that shouldn’t really fit me yet and I’m frustrated that there are bulges, lumps and bumps in places where there really should’nt be! And I feel a work out coming on! Operation “Come back down to planet earth” – Success!

See you tomorrow, brighter, lighter and minus approx 500 kcals :)

Meet my nemesis…


35 minutes of the treadmil, 20 on crosstrainer and now for that mountain climb…ahhh this is so difficult!

Can anybody suggest a good brand of glove to stop my palms from getting calluses – I thought perhaps a cycling glove? I dont want to look like an idiot in the gym – no more than usual anyway!

What a difference a day makes – or six!

What a weekend!!! Didn’t get to the gym until 8:45pm on Saturday night (my first visit in six days) to be told as I walk through reception “We close at 9:30” so I’m there, LITERALLY running through reception to the changing room – get into my gym clothes and run up the spiral staircase to the gym to make the most of my 40 minutes. 10 minutes later I’m almost crying – what a different a day makes alright I could really feel the burn – thank god for our Saturday night drinking culture – there was only one other person in there to hear me talking myself up “Come on girl, nearly half way there – you can do it – think of dropping that dress size…” and so on…

Again on Sunday, a really difficult workout but I know every day I go makes the next time that bit easier…and I’m starting to notice the loss too. Oh I forgot! I lost 2lbs last week – for three weeks I’ve been seeing my weight go from 19st 1lbs to 19st 1lbs to 19st up to 19st 1lbs and then no change – I couldn’t have smiled any bigger when I saw that number 18 on the scales…I though to myself “I’ve been waiting for you number eighteen” !

This week is mostly going to be about excersize and fitness – after the 6 day gap I’m planning on going most days this week – my goal is to drop to 18st 7lbs by 1st December…thats 3 weigh ins so easily doable – if I dont I’ll be wondering who’s feeding me when I’m not looking! And I can enjoy working to this goal in my new workout clothes too – a smaller size than my original ones – Happy Monday to me! It’s the little things that count (and then there’s me…)

56 hours and 1 working week later…

What a challange this week has been for me – I knew it was going to be tough with my week schedule including 4 days of 8am starts in cities at leats 80 miles away from where I live – four 5:30am starts and 7:30pm finished later and I’m shattered! Plus I only made it to the gym once this week so I’m frustrated about that and scared of the scales this week which is annoying because I usually look forward to it – It’s a source of excitment as I spend the week trying to ensure I meet my anticipated loss – somehow this week I dont think I’m going to reach a loss – which will be my 4th week in a row of staying at the same weight (if you include a gain of 1lbs followed by a loss of 1lbs followed by no change) it’s getting a bit disheartning now!
I’m determined not to get down about this and to keep going – afew weeks ago I bought my first pair of jeans in afew years – skinny leg type which is HUGE for a woman who’s lived in leggings for the past at least two years! Yes they may well say XL on the label – but thats the label of the jeans that I’m wearing!!!!

Tomorrow will tell – I’m going to the gym tonight for a final push before weigh in tomorrow morning – I just can’t help thinking, if only it was as easy for me as it was for my Bichon Frise Archie – 2 hours at the groomers and he went from this:

To this…!

19 hours until weight in – and it’s Friday night…wish me luck!

In The Beginning…

I’ve just realised I’ve forgotten to post photos of me at the beginning of my (hopefully) transformation! So here they are…this is me as somebody who ‘carries it well’ (apparently) haha:

Me on the left at the start of a 42 mile walk of Hadrians wall for charity (June 2012)

At the top of a VERY big hill – along the walk for charity…Wishing I was carrying alot less weight right about now! (June 2012)


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